Wednesday, January 31, 2007

THING 4 - Registering my blog

Ok, I have sent my email to the Virtual Services Team to register my 'blogger' blog.

THING 2 - 7 1/2 Lifelong learning habits:

I believe to be learning on a continuous basis.
According to "How we learn" I practice almost all the listed habits.

Taking a class: I'm not currently enrolled in any classes at the moment however I'm a musician that attends regular practices, and I feel that I'm learning through every session.

Reading a book or magazine: I'm an avid reader. I always am making my way through different novels. I just finished reading "The Ruins." Now I'm reading "House of Leaves."
And I also have subscriptions to a few magazines so I may catch up on the latest gossip :)

Watching a movie: That's a give-in. I love watching movies. I like most genres and with the combination of Netflix and working for the SJPL, I can always catch up on the new releases.

Playing a game: If video games count, then yes I love my Nintendo systems. I also like crossword puzzles. That in itself is a challenging learning activity.

Socializing with other people: Oh, well this has to be my favorite of all. I love to go out with friends. I'm playing a lot of shows with my band, meeting other bands. Plus working with the public for the SJPL, I have to have very good social skills. I always enjoy meeting and helping new people. Plus I supervise a number of staff who rely on me to be there "go to" person.

Habits that I find challenging are probably #2 Accepting responsibility for your own learning AND # 3 View problems as challenges.

And the easiest habit for me would be 7 1/2 PLAY!!

THING 1 - My first post

I have completed the tutorial, and had fun setting up my new Blogger account.
I have had a bit of experience with blogging. I used to have a LiveJournal account. And I mainly use my mypace blog now to blab about my current events.